FANUC. General Ethernet cards available on the market cannot be used. 2 The PCMCIA Ethernet card is used for FANUC LADDER-III or SERVO GUIDE. 3 Use the PCMCIA Ethernet card just for temporary communication as described above. Avoid using the card for continuous communication. 4 The PCMCIA Ethernet card is inserted into a

FANUC Robotics recommends that only persons who have been trained in one or more approved FANUC Robotics Training Course(s) be permitted to install, operate, use, perform procedures on, repair, and/or maintain FANUC Robotics’ products and/or systems and their respective components. Approved training necessitates that the courses selected be This configuration option is on the System Config screen (Menu > System > Config). When in local mode, the robot will be started from the Standard Operator Panel (SOP) buttons located on the controller. Be careful: when the robot is in local mode, it will always run whatever program you have selected on the SELECT menu.