The Grove Shield for Particle Mesh is a Particle Mesh breakout in the form of Grove connector. Now you can use hundreds of Grove modules with Particle Mesh. Grove Shield for Particle Mesh - Seeed Studio Mesh Network. Disable WiFi Mesh Network; Mesh WiFi Network. Brief in this network topology, user should choose the device to be a mesh gateway node or mesh client node Mesh Gateway: use WAN port or USB 3G to get internet access from uplink router. It also shares the internet to its Mesh Network for other Mesh Clients.

Then the end-device switchs itself to LoRa mode 2 and finally sends the message by requesting an ACK. Don't forget to unlock the gateway in order to be able to remotely configure the gateway. To do this, issue command /@ACK#/@U1234# prior to the /@ACK#/@M2# message.