Jul 09, 2018 · not recommended if yer under the age of 18 as this is...as the title suggests...a not safe for work/sin audio!!!! you've been warned!!!! upload 4 of 4. Salem x Male reader! Nightmare! Part 1 by NubsTheCaterpie on Sans (Nightmare) x Listener - SoundCloud Nightmare Sans X Reader Lemon Nightmare Sans X Reader Lemon Read Nightmare x reader : majordome part 2 from the story AU's x reader ( Commande Terminé !

Chapter Text. Its been a while. A really, really, long while. Asgore really enjoyed having you stay with him. There were only a fee times he tried to kill you but it seems he got over it a little aftrr you decidedto stay. Chapter Text--bedroom--Lust: *smoking,reading the question* well right now admins sleeping,trying to gain back energy from our little...get to together. *chuckles* but what I would do is probably just use my magic to get it back.