Auto Shipping Rates Calculator: What It Is. Simply put, an auto shipping rates calculator is a non-binding rough estimate of what it will cost you to ship your vehicle from Point A to Point B. You can find several shipping rate quick calculators simply by doing a search of “auto shipping rates calculator” in Google or your preferred search ... Both are fine cars, but the Mazda will cost you a lot more down the road, even though its sticker price is $1,900 lower when you sign on the dotted line. After using this TCO calculator to compare the two cars, you'll see that the total cost of buying and operating the Mazda 6 for five years is actually $2,000 higher than the Toyota.

This Car Cost Calculator will help you put hard numbers to the analysis and find the best deal in transportation for your needs. Car Cost Calculator Terms & Definitions. Purchase Price – How much you pay for the car. Down Payment – The initial amount paid to the dealer that is subtracted from the purchase price to determine the amount financed.